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Saying No to the Drive-Through

There are 254 million passenger vehicles in the U.S. – one for every licensed driver, plus 64 million extras. And we drive everywhere. Walking, biking, running – all the healthy ways of getting around – are beginning to fade from the national consciousness.

The consequences of our obsession with not-walking are piling up in the form of health costs, congestion and pollution. And our car-culture contributes in a major way to the 17.2 tons of CO2 emitted, on average, by every single American, four times the 4.6 tons emitted by the average global citizen.

Picture1There are hundreds of ways to cut our driving emissions. Here’s a simple way to start: If you are able to walk, resolve to never again use a drive-up window.  Buy your coffee or deposit your paycheck standing on your own two feet, with your car engine turned off.

You’ll figure out other ways to care for God’s injured creation, but saying no to the drive through is a small step in getting started.