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Creation Care: Will the Calvinists Lead Us Out of the Wilderness?

Written by Rev. Charles Redfern
Rev. Charles Redfern

Rev. Charles Redfern

Think of this as a shout-out to the custodians of Protestantism’s brains: Arise and rescue us, oh Calvinists.  This is your hour.  An invisible behemoth has wielded scissors and snipped our mentalities.  Our thoughts lie like scraps on the floor:  Thinking is severed from doing; spirituality has been sliced from its heritage and theological reflection has deflated like a hissing pool toy.  You once bequeathed us a sophisticated cultural theology that anchored itself in Heaven while summoning us to this-worldly relevance: God inserted us at this time and this place to do his will – now. 

You can do it again.  We’ll even listen as you invoke your favorite words: “responsibility,” “duty,” “obligation.”  Go for it.  Continue reading