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Pray With Us for the Creation!

We would like to invite you to participate in what may be the first truly global response by Christians to our many environmental crises. You can do it by joining in a Telephonic Prayer Meeting organized by Evangelical Christians engaged in various Creation Care ministries.

  • When? Tuesday, September 1, 8:00-8:50 PM  Eastern, 5:00-5:50 Pacific
  • Call in instructions: Dial 1-302-202-1106 – Conference code: 381142 (Kindly mute your line upon connecting.)
  • Who’s involved? Representatives of the World Evangelical Alliance, the Lausanne evangelistic movement’s Creation Care Network, Care of Creation, Climate Caretakers, Sojourners, Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, the A Rocha Christian conservation ministry, the Christian Reformed Church, the Presbyterian Church and Christians for the Mountains, among many others – including Beloved Planet!
  • How can I participate? Download the Pray for Creation prayer guide, call in and join numerous speakers in scripture readings, devotions and prayer for our world, for repentance, for those in power, and for the church. And forward this email to your friends, small group members, pastors, family members and the like. There’s room for everyone to join in prayer!

earthVirtually the entire global Christian Church has embraced next Tuesday, September 1 as a Global Day of Prayer for Care of the Creation. Patriarch Bartholomew of the Orthodox Communion inaugurated the observance some twenty-five years ago, calling on “every person, and above all the faithful, to constantly watch over his fellow man and the world, for the benefit of us all and for the glory of the Creator.” Cheers for the Orthodox! 200 million Christians.

Last week, Pope Francis joined in on behalf of the world’s Roman Catholics. “The ecological crisis therefore calls us to a profound spiritual conversion,” wrote the Pope in announcing the Day of Prayer. “Christians are called to an ecological conversion whereby the effects of their encounter with Jesus Christ become evident in their relationship with the world around them.” Cheers for the Catholics! Another 1.1 billion Christians. With the Orthodox, the tally reaches 1.3 billion people called to prayer for the beloved planet.

In no time at all, the World Council of Churches, representing roughly 500 million Protestant Christians in 110 countries committed to observing the Day of Prayer, and extending it for more than a month-long “Time for Creation.” Hooray WCC! The tally? Around 1.6 billion Christians.

And now, the Protestant World Evangelical Alliance, representing more than 600 million Christians in 129 countries has added their “Amen” to the Day of Prayer. That’s 2.2 billion Christians. And that’s just about all of us. All praying for God’s healing of our polluted planet. All repenting of our toxic consumerist idolatry. All praying for God’s people to rise up to protect our Father’s world.

You can join us, wherever you are. Pray for biblical simplicity of life. Pray for the poor, who disproportionately suffer the effects of pollution caused by others. Pray for those facing extreme weather – drought, flooding, and intense storms driving hunger, conflict and human migration. Pray for all who rely on marine ecosystems, in the face of worldwide ocean acidification. Pray for those in the path of rising sea levels and melting ice sheets. Pray for those in power, to commit to bold and compassionate action for people of every nation.

And if you’re free at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, then call in and join us for a few minutes. This is our Father’s world. Let’s pray – and then act faithfully – for its healing.

J. Elwood

Note: If you cannot make it to our Prayer Call, but still want to pray with others, then click here to access several calls being hosted by Evangelical Environmental Network.