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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

    1. John Elwood Post author

      Andy, it is the policy of Beloved Planet to avoid Facebook debates. Rather, we aim to encourage fellow believers to pray and act on climate change in conjunction with Christ’s call to justice and mercy in Matthew 25. Regarding the scientific evidence for human-caused climate change we recommend the National Academy of Sciences or the American Association for the Advancement of Science. These groups represent the largest (AAAS) and the most prestigious (NAS) independent scientific bodies in the United States, and both present unambiguous support for human-caused climate change.

  1. andydoerksen

    Hi, John. If you look again at my post, you’ll see that I mentioned neither Facebook nor debating. What I mentioned was a website that is both biblical and scientific. But if you wish to aid the cause of fear and fascism, that’s your prerogative.


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