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  • The Beloved Planet: A website dedicated to hearing the gospel’s call to care for an injured world. See the orange box to the right; add your email address, and you’re done!
  • Creation Care Champions: Equipping people to speak at churches, ministries, schools, and groups; sharing resources, strategies and prayers.
  • A Rocha: Restoring and protecting forests and fields, streams and lakes and the people who live near them in 19 countries.
  • Evangelical Environmental Network:  Seeking to equip, inspire, disciple, and mobilize God’s people in their effort to care for God’s creation.
  • Care of Creation: Missions-oriented, mobilizing the Church to respond to environmental challenges with and through the love of God.
  • Restoring Eden:  A movement of people who see a strong connection between our Christian spirituality and caretakers of creation.
  • Young Evangelicals for Climate Action: Students & under-30’s taking action to overcome the climate crisis as part of Christian discipleship.
  • Renewal: Students – Christ-centered and student-driven creation care network.

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  • How carbon-heavy is my diet? What you eat matters. Find out the carbon impacts of your diet choices.
  • Meatless Monday: Passing on meat one day a week is like taking your car off the road for five weeks per year.
  • Hungry for Change:  A 5-day challenge consuming the type and quantity of food and drink that half the world’s population experience on a daily basis. From Trade as One.
  • Local food:  Average food travels 1,500 miles. 90% of fossil fuels for food goes for packaging, transporting and marketing. 97% of fruit and vegetable varieties have been replaced by only a few uniform varieties. You can help change this.
  • Fair trade food: Change for Good – a simple, regular way to ensure that a portion of your normal spending on food is fair trade, delivered right to your door. From Trade as One.

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  • Better world shopper: We vote every single day with the purest form of power – money. With around $18,000 spent each year on goods and services, it’s like casting 18,000 votes every year for the kind of world you want to live in.
  • Plastic bottles: 31 billion of them get used and pitched every year. But you have a choice.
  • Earth-friendly packaging: 30% of consumer waste is packaging. Learn to minimize it.

My Money

  • Ethical investing: Invest with integrity. No-load index fund that features only companies with positive Environmental, Social and Governance scores.
  • Give: It’s easy to find partners on this site that contribute resources, advocate for the creation, and engage in conservation. Visit their sites, and invest in creation care!

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