Keystone XL: Not Jobs & Energy, but “Money & Power” features a brief article on Senator Elizabeth Warren’s comments on the bill to force the State Department to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, the new Congress’ #1 priority, KXL is unlikely to create more than a few thousand American jobs over two years of construction, and probably no more than 50 permanent positions once it becomes operational. (We’ve pointed out that that is about the same level of permanent jobs as building two new Taco Bells.)

By comparison, Senator Elizabeth Warren said, passing a permanent highway bill would create upwards of 10 million jobs in the next four years and also restore crumbing roads, bridges, and other infrastructure.

“It’s not about jobs, it’s not about energy. Why is this bill so urgent?” asked Warren. “The answer is power, money and power.”

Watch her two-minute remarks below:

Read the complete article here.

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