Black Friday Bargains

What a wonderful Black Friday I’ve had! You won’t believe the deals I found. I can’t blame you if you didn’t do as well. Take a look.

Picture1First, I enjoyed breakfast and a long walk in nearby Kittatinny State Park with three new friends (from Beijing and Taiwan) plus three old ones: Barbara (not really “old” of course!) and two of our kids, Nathan and Sarah. Who can even begin to value new friendships? They’re among the most precious things we have, don’t you think?

After lunch, I planted five pecan trees, plus a maple, two redbuds and three Carpathian walnuts. I ran the numbers, and my savings are absolutely amazing. I learned that a pecan tree can yield around 100 lbs. of nuts per year, and that pecans wholesale for $5.69/lb. They take around seven years to begin bearing, and call for some TLC in the meantime. But with a purchase price of around $8 per sapling, I figured the annual return on my investment will be around 75%! That’s the value of the nuts – not the shade, beauty, carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat and all those other good things that trees offer.

And finally, my son Nathan and I wound things up by hanging a birdhouse he built on a tree facing a meadow near the river. Bluebirds next spring!

So, I end up my day with three new friends, a new investment potentially yielding 75% pretty much forever, and a secure nesting place for one of our most beautiful native birds.

So, how’d you do?

Happy Black Friday!

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