Plastic Paradise: Garbage and the Pacific

Today, I saw this great short piece from Chuck Redfern. You’ve got to see it!

Some big stories remain largely untold. For example, one of the bloodiest conflicts is the Congo’s civil war; about 98% of the atmosphere’s lead, which once worried ecologists, is now gone; Australian children must now wear hats to school because of the ozone hole and its consequent skin cancer (the hole is beginning to close due to environmental regulation, thank God). And there’s is a huge swirl of garbage in the Pacific Ocean composed mostly of plastic, which never dissolves. Some of its is swept onto Midway, scene of the great World War 2 naval battle.

See this largely untold story in this video, which is a trailer for a movie directed by Angela Sun:

Actually, there’s a shorter, less “newsy” trailer available here.

Thanks Chuck! (Visit Chuck’s website here.)

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